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Mindset Coaching & Development Services

My private practice focuses on a holistic approach,  allowing clients to develop the mindset skills and lifestyle habits necessary to achieve personal and professional success.
All services are facilitated by Adam, which includes providing customized handouts and creating unique experiential activities.

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Team Development

In order for a team to consistently perform at an elite level, it is important to provide a setting for its members to regularly compare notes and learn from recent group performances. The Mindset Coach will support the free exchange of best practices for team development and success. As a group, concrete mental skills and lifestyle habits will be explored with the objective of identification and integration of best practices to support both personal and group goals. All team development service are available in-person in a formal group setting or virtually through all major video-conferencing platforms.

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Individual Mindset Coaching

This service provides the client with a stronger understanding of how to consistently perform at an elite level. Through the integration of mental skills tailored to assist in the preparation and execution of the performance, clients learn how to create a personalized performance culture. This can be initiated by the athlete or by a referral from a coach, parent or employer. All personal and professional development service are available in-person in a formal, private setting or virtually through all major video-conferencing platforms.

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Team Observation

The Mindset Coach observes the group in a training session, competition environment, or professional setting.  These 'in-the-moment" observations reveal subtle nuances of the team dynamics, unavailable to the Mindset Coach in a formal team development session. This includes, but is not limited to, observing interpersonal relationships and superior-subordinate dynamics (e.g., coach-player, boss-employee). This service will result in greater awareness of the proper roles of each member, as well as, reinforce the group's overall ownership of the performance culture.

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Individual Observation

A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, so is a client obseravtion. When the Mindset Coach is present to observe the client in his or her performance context, he is able to pick up on things the client would have a challenge relaying through words. Observations can take place in a training, competition or professional setting. This includes but is not limited to observing group dynamics, as well as, superior-subordinate dynamics (e.g., parent-player. coach-player, boss-employee). This service can act as a built-in support system, which strengthens the coach-client connection, instilling further rapport and trust.

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