Adam Saucedo, M.A. is a Mindset Coach who helps clients enhance their mind-body connection to achieve optimal performance results. He empowers his clients by coaching them on how to best develop and personalize the mental skills and lifestyle habits necessary to achieve balance and consistency. He provides live and remote services to individuals in private settings and to small groups and large teams in private meetings, workshops, and retreats.
Although Adam's professional roots lie in sport & fitness, he has expanded his scope to encompass the business sector, both locally and abroad, providing Team Building, Leadership Development and Health & Wellness services. He has generated digital and video content to support corporate marketing efforts and to compliment his direct services. His corporate clients have reported optimized performance output and a more cohesive and balanced performance culture.

Adam Saucedo
Adam Saucedo
Adam Saucedo
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My Philosophy

The client knows themselves best! It is up to me to assist my clients in rediscovering and redefining what it means to be consistently at their best. Through an on-going assessment process and regular observation, I gather the appropriate information to assist my clients with achieving his or her performance goals. I believe that it is my role to provide the performance tools and emotional support necessary for the client to enhance balance and consistency. In the end, I help my clients enhance their chances for sustainable success by teaching them how to best transfer these skills to all areas of his or her life.